Goos Finance

How to connect Defi with physical money

In this connected world where technological innovations are outdoing themselves to provide ever faster solutions to the problems of information transfer and means of payment, blockchain is undoubtedly the most disruptive means that is shaking up the codes of finance. This is  called decentralized finance. With the advent of the DEFI, banks are gradually losing their monopoly on monetary transactions and the stock markets are seeing the emergence of new types of traders specializing in cryptocurrencies. The latter have experienced a  boom that is accompanied by the creation of  more and more innovative projects in the crypto universe. However, the challenge is to eliminate banking intermediaries during transactions between individuals and also minimize the costs of such transactions. Despite a plethora of solutions that are  more or less adapted to the needs of the public, more and more people are seduced by the world of the DEFI. It is necessary to note that  access to these platforms specialized in crypto-currencies and the various exchanges is conditioned to the possession of a bank account. This in fact deprives many potential users of the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the DEFI.


GOOS FINANCE’s mission is to bring back into the DEFI this fringe of the population that is excluded from finance because they do not have a bank card and/or a bank account. To achieve this, it offers a set of solutions that allows people to buy, sell or stack crypto currencies using cash or payment methods often adapted to regions with little or no banking services. Thus, offering the possibility to people to be able to invest in new crypto projects, to send and / or receive cryptos in a private / family sphere as well as  a professional business setting. They can also participate in Decentralised Finance through staking, borrowing / lending of crypto within various protocols.


GOOS FINANCE relies on two pillars of its ecosystem that gives the necessary tools to benefit from mastery;



GOOSPAY is the interface that connects and manages transactions between;

  • The individuals
  • The financial intermediaries
  • The GOOS platform
  • The decentralized exchange platforms


GOOSCASH which is a wallet that can hold any cryptocurrency with 3 main functionalities;

  • Send and receive cryptos
  • Stacking protocol
  • Protocol for lending and borrowing crypto


GOOSFINANCE is the unique and ideal solution that reconciles Decentralised Finance and cash, which allows everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a bank account/card, to join the promising new world of Decentralised Finance.