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How to Buy Digital Assets (NFT, BTC, ETH) using Cash with Goos Finance.

In this connected world where technological innovations are outdoing themselves to give ever faster answers to challenges of information transfer and payment, blockchain is without a doubt the most disruptive technology shaking up the financial codes. Decentralized finance is the term for this. With the introduction of the DEFI, banks are gradually losing their monopoly on monetary transactions and stock markets are seeing the emergence of new types of traders specialized in cryptocurrency.

The digital assets have experienced a surge in popularity, spurred by the emergence of ever-more inventive crypto initiatives. The issue, however, is to eliminate banking intermediaries during individual transactions while lowering transaction costs. Despite a plethora of solutions tailored to the public’s needs, the DEFI world is seducing an increasing number of people.

It’s important to note that having a bank account is required to access these cryptocurrency services and exchanges. With 1.7 million unbanked adults in the World having limited access to financial services or support many potential users will be denied the opportunity to benefit from the DEFI as a result of this.

The mission of GOOS FINANCE is to bring into the DEFI this segment of the population that is excluded from finance due to a lack of a bank card and/or a bank account. To accomplish this, it provides a set of solutions that enable people to buy, sell, or stack cryptocurrencies using cash or payment methods that are adapted to regions with limited or no banking services. As a result, people will be able to invest in new crypto projects, and send and/or receive cryptos in both a private / family setting and a professional business setting. They can also participate in Decentralized Finance by staking, borrowing, and lending cryptocurrency through various protocols.

GOOS FINANCE relies on two pillars of its ecosystem that provide the expert tool necessary. They are Goospay and Gooscash.

GOOSPAY is the interface that connects and manages transactions between;

· Individuals

· Financial intermediaries

· GOOS platform

· Decentralized exchange platforms.


GOOSCASH is a wallet that can hold any cryptocurrency. It has three primary features:

– Transmit and receive cryptocurrency

– Stacking protocol

– Crypto lending and borrowing protocol

GOOS FINANCE is a unique and excellent solution that reconciles Decentralized Finance and cash, allowing anybody to participate in this exciting new world of digital assets regardless of whether or not they have a bank account or card.

For more information, email Goos Finance at and find out what we are doing and how you can become an investor partner.

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