Goos Finance

Goospay concept

GoosPay is a low-fee payment and money transfer network based on blockchain technology. Our solution will allow people to withdraw money from their crypto wallet using a variety of methods, including cash and bank deposits. Simultaneously, investors will be able to purchase digital assets with cash, bank transfer, credit card, or any other means of money transfer, such as mobile money. All of this is in a distributed system.


          1. Decentralized system


Contracts will be signed with affiliates and partners in cities where Goospay operates. Affiliates and partners can be anyone who wants to handle transactions in exchange for a fee to participate in our ecosystem.

The transactions that will be handled here can be divided into two categories:

  • Give fiat to crypto sellers
    • Bank deposit or transfer on the desired bank account of our crypto seller
    • Cash pay-out to crypto seller who chooses to withdraw in cash
  • Collect fiat from crypto buyer
    • The partner can collect cash from a customer who would like to buy crypto
    • Receive bank transfer from crypto buyer
    • Collect cash from the transfer company

Partners and affiliates are compensated by a portion of the fees received from users.

Because it is decentralized, end-user fees are kept low.

                       Differences between decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges

The Goospay system eliminates the need for partners and affiliates to conduct transactions with the objective to store or own digital assets (cryptocurrencies).

You can earn money just by processing transactions and avoiding the risks associated with bitcoin ownership.


          2. A solution based on three (3) Smart contracts


Three smart contracts will be developed and matched together to have a complete transaction.

  • Initial smart contract

The initial smart contract is formed between Goospay and the customer willing to take an action, whether it is to buy or sell a digital asset (NFT, crypto…).

In this case, the customer will log in to his wallet and interact with the Goospay solution for those using the Goospay platform directly or Goospay API for those using a DEX. The customer initiates the desired action.

Buyers should indicate:

    • The digital asset they want to purchase
    • The amount
    • The payment method (stable coin, cash, bank deposit, credit card, mobile money…)
    • The preferred partner (partners and affiliates list will be presented to the customer based on the location where the transaction needs to be performed, the amount (partners will have limitations based on the deposit), and the payment method chosen)

Once all the above-mentioned information is set, the buyer can confirm his order, and the initial smart contract is formed. Sellers will transmit their order indicating:

    • The digital asset they want to sell
    • The amount
    • How they would want to withdraw (stable coin, cash, or Bank deposit)
    • The preferred partner (partners and affiliates list will be presented to the customer based on the location where the transaction needs to be performed, the amount (partners will have limitations based on the deposit), and the payment method chosen

When confirmed, a smart contract will be formed, and an email/SMS will be generated and sent to both the customer and the chosen partner/affiliate.

  • Checkout smart contract

The checkout smart contract is formed when the partner accepts the order generated by the customer.

In case the partner/affiliate rejects the order or does not reply on time, the order goes to the next available partner.

When accepted the partner/affiliate will then perform the task assigned to him whether he needs to make a bank transfer, deposit money in a Bank account or give cash to the customer.

The performance of the action by the partner will close the checkout smart contract which confirms that the customer has received the product requested with the initial smart contract.

NB: All transactions done between digital assets (not including Fiat) will be managed by Goospay system in the swap integrated DEX.

  • Closing smart contract

The closing smart contract is formed between the partner and Goospay.

This smart contract is formed when the partner/affiliate sends proof of finalizing the action required.

The affiliate/partner sends this proof via a smart contract and it’s checked and confirmed with the checkout smart contract.

After the closing smart contract, Goospay would allow 48h for disputes. If no dispute after 48h, a bank transfer is made to the partner for the amount handled including the fee (percentage of the fee will be analyzed as the project progress).

This will close the entire transaction.