Goos Finance

Terms & Conditions

The waiting list competition is sponsored by 

GOOS Finance Sro  

Sousedikova 969/1 

190 00 Prague  

Czech Republic 

VAT: CZ143 11 283  
Company Register:  


The competition would be running from 16th of Mai till the end of SEED phase. 

Winners will be drawn on a Live random draw. All winners will be informed by e-mail and must claim their prize via a form within 4 weeks 

After expiry of this period, the claim to the prize will automatically expire and the unredeemed tokens will be put on the burning wallet.  

Every user who has a valid e-mail address, verifies it and meets the legal requirements of his or her country is eligible to participate. Each user can only win once. If a participant enters more than once via their link in order to influence their positioning, this is anti-competitive and will be disqualified. 

5 million tokens and 7000 USDT will be awarded by Goos Finance among the 100 winners according to the ranking table. The ranking can be influenced by a purchase of Goos Token, promotional activities using the own referral link as well as social media activities. As an example, if the person you share your referral link with also signs up, you will receive +1 point. If this person then also verifies their mail, you will receive +4 points. At the same time for each $100 you spent on Goos token, you get 50 point.  The more points you receive, the better chance you have to be one of the winners. 


To participate:  

  1. You must purchase at least $100 of Goos Token 
  2. Reached at list 100 points  


To ensure all our investors, Goos Finance a European based legit startup regulated by European union law, with a VAT number: CZ143 11 283 will provide to people investing more than $500 in our token, a contract stipulating below guaranties, and if we fail to deliver, each investor will have the right to go to any European union court.  

  • Listing price of the token ($0.08 is a guaranty listing price) 
  • Vesting schedule (Token distribution schedule) on our whitepaper 
  • Development of all products mentioned on our webpage 

Any guaranty you may need for your investment? Let us know.  


Gold winner : Total of $10,000 = 2500 BUSD + 1.000.000 (value 7500 current price) Goos Token
Diamond : $7,000 = 1750 BUSD + 700.000 (value 5250 current price) Goos Token
Silver Winner : $7,000 = 1750 BUSD + 700.000 (value 5250 current price) Goos Token
Bronze Winner : $2000 = 750 BUSD + 165.000 (value 1250 current price) Goos Token
5-10 position : $1000 = 200 BUSD + 100.000 (value 750 current price) Goos Token
11-20 position : $500 = 80 BUSD + 56000 (value 420 current price) Goos token
21-50 position : $325 = worth of Goos Token. 50.000 Goos token
51-100 position : will get 1500 Goos Token